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The Importance of an Emergency Blanket

In the face of any natural disaster or severe weather event, it is always important to have an emergency pack at the ready for when things turn sour. The most common items that come to mind are water, food, batteries, first-aid supplies, and lighting. An important item that commonly gets overlooked, is an emergency blanket, also referred to as a thermal blanket, or weather blanket. Most individuals believe that because they have never needed one, there is no need to include one. But, at Sustain, we understand the importance of being prepared for any situation, which is why we include them in all of our survival kits.

A thermal blanket’s main use is to keep you warm and reduce heat loss in a person’s body, but they provide many additional benefits for any given scenario. Some examples of its various uses are:

  • Weather protection; against windy, rainy or cold climates, emergency blankets provide not only warmth but also coverage against the harshness of the environment.
  • Fishing- The reflective material can sometimes be more effective at luring fish in than simply a hook.
  • To boil water, or warm food – Mylar (the emergency blanket’s material) has a melting point of roughly 500 degrees Fahrenheit, which means that the blanket could be used to wrap around food and heat by an open fire or to form a bowl and purify the water by boiling it close to the open flame.
  • For medical purposes such as, a make-shift sling, a compression bandage, or even a tourniquet. An emergency blanket can also be used as a temporary splint for any injured or broken limbs.
  • Signaling for help. The reflective nature of Mylar is a great source to bounce light off of and alert anyone help or rescue nearby.

There are countless more ways that a thermal blanket can provide use in any situation that one may find themselves in. However, they are just one piece of the puzzle when creating the perfect survival kit. Check out our blog for more awesome tips that will make you that much more ready in an emergency situation. Be prepared with Sustain.