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Part One of Sustain’s Survival Guide: Everything You Need for Your Next Camping Trip

What’s better than kicking off 2020 than with an action-packed family camping trip? Not much. From hiking through beautiful forests, admiring the breathtaking sights, to gathering around a campfire, telling legendary stories and sleeping in the heart of the woods, there isn’t a better way to bond and enjoy quality time with friends or loved ones.

However, if proper safety precautions aren’t taken, these adventures can quickly take a turn for the worst, which is why you’ll need a guide to help make the trip a memorable one and not a frightening one. Today we will walk you through Part One of Sustain’s Camping Survival Guide.

Sustain’s Survival Tips:

Sustain is here to help ensure that you start your trip off right by making necessary preparations before you get on the road. Some simple things to do before leaving include:

  • Know the local park ranger’s phone number in your area.
  • Know the camp confirmation number and campground phone number.
  • Have a flashlight for each person on the trip (we recommend our LED flashlights).
  • Prepare food and bring additional supplies as a backup (Sustain’s stove cookware combo can handle your cooking needs).
  • Bring more than enough water (in the event you run out of water, make sure you have Sustain’s Sawyer Mini or Sawyer Squeeze water filtration devices on hand).
  • Pack additional supplies, such as the proper shoes, comfortable sleeping equipment, and medical kits for any issues that may arise.

You can be prepared in advance by opting for our Sustain Comfort 2 for two people or Sustain Comfort 4 for four people.

If you have children, it’s essential that you share these tips with them so they’re prepared beforehand. Children and young adults aren’t always aware of survival essentials. According to a poll conducted on millennials, only 1/3 of participants knew how to naturally start a fire. In addition, half of the millennials surveyed were unable to tie a survival knot, less than 1/3 of respondents knew how to fish, and 40% of them had never swam in open water.

Consider teaching others, as well as yourself, how to survive in order to ensure you’re taking necessary precautions. At the very least, make sure you’re aware of what others around you are capable of before your trip.

With the help of Sustain’s high quality products, you can turn a potentially dangerous adventure into a fun, safe trip by taking the proper precautions.