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In the face of any natural disaster or severe weather event, it is always important to have an emergency pack at the ready for when things turn sour. The most common items that come to mind are water, food, batteries, first-aid supplies, and lighting. An important item that commonly gets overlooked, is an emergency blanket,

Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery are the 4 phases of emergency management that work to reduce the damage and fallout that occur after an emergency or natural disaster. This is a continuous cycle of strategic planning and action for local, state, and federal governments. The 4 phases help to fulfil emergency management responsibilities in order

As a Sustain reader, you probably come to us for updates, news, and more information we provide on our blog. That being said, we want to shine light on others who have great insight and knowledge when it comes to preparation and disaster. Here are our top 4 preparedness podcasts that are available on iTunes

You can see current eruption and quake activity on the Volcano Discovery site. Why Kilauea’s activity matters to Californians Californians might feel immune to a volcanic eruption, but the state has seven active volcanoes:   Mount Shasta, near the Oregon border Lassen Volcanic Center, east of Redding Long Valley Volcanic Region, northeast of Mammoth Mountain Clear Lake Volcanic Field, along the southwest edge