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Storm season is upon us

Storm season is upon us and if history is any indication, it’s time to start game planning your disaster and relief scenarios now. As violent Tornados become more frequent in the midwest and hurricane season encroaches in the south east, making the proper preparations before the last minute is the best way to provide safety for your family in a potential emergency situation.

Some natural disasters, like hurricanes, can usually be prepared for ahead of time. Though the hysteria and lack of available supplies when the majority of the population realizes the dangers that are incoming makes waiting for a storm to be announced an inadvisable plan. Whereas, in the midwest Tornados can appear in minutes with no real warrning, whipping up pure destruction in their wake, and leaving communities torn apart in mere seconds.

At Sustain we want you to be prepared now, before the danger starts. Whether it’s using our top of the line survival kits or buying supplies brick and mortar, its imperative you stock up today and have the supplies in place ahead of time so you can avoid the bedlam that ensues in the days ahead of a hurricane, or the moment a tornado touches down. The steps you take right now can ensure your family is ready to endure a planned or spontaneous weather disaster in the future.

When preparing make sure you remember the basic neccesities such as: water, dry food, medical supplies and lighting solutions. Instead of flashlights, incorporate light sticks into your supply pack or storage area. Unlike most flashlights , light sticks are waterproof and provide long lasting, 360 degree illumination. Check out these super bright, water-proof SnapLights from our friends at Cyalume for the best alternative lighting solutions on the planet.

At your home, you can determine a place like a cabinet or storage closet, or an easily accessible location to place all emergency supplies. Make sure you consider storing other important items after the main necessities are in place. Things that should be considered include important documents, cash so you can purchase goods in case the power is out in your surrounding area and ATM services no longer work, and other items that you knowingly need on a day to day basis. If creating and packing your own custom emergency backpack remember that the ultimate rule of thumb is to pack what you can carry, so be sure to cover the items such as food and water first and cross off the absolute necessities before any other items.

With an eye to the future, and a plan in place you’ll be ready and able to ride out even the worst mother nature throws at you. With Sustain, you’re prepared to beat storm season.