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Sustain’s Survival Guide Part Two: The Best Ways to Protect Yourself While Camping

If there’s one thing that we’re certain of, it’s that the safety of our loved ones comes first when venturing out in the wild. In Part 1 of Sustain’s Camping Survival Guide, we gave you a brief rundown on how you can be prepared and ensure you’ve taken proper safety precautions before embarking on your camping adventure. In Part 2 of our Camping Survival Guide, we will be providing our best tips to help you avoid dangerous encounters and protect yourself after you’ve pitched your tents.

In order to enjoy your trip, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve taken all of the necessary precautions to create a comfortable, home-like environment at your campsite. One of the biggest questions novice campers have is: “How will I be able to get quality sleep during my trip?

One easy way to achieve this would be investing in a spacious tent. To avoid feeling uncomfortable, use a thicker and softer comforter during chilly nights. Also, be aware that insects will be plentiful at your camp site and you’ll need plenty of insect repellent.

You can repel insects by:

  • Wearing insect-repellent clothing
  • Avoiding floral or fruity perfumes and/or body lotion(s)
  • Avoiding foods that contain a lot of salt or are high in potassium
  • Using natural oils such as oil of lemon eucalyptus
  • Using chemical-based products like DEET or Picaridin

Furthermore, if you’re not prepared, you may face scenarios that can leave you feeling frightened and unsure of what to do. Frequent unwanted encounters involve animals such as bears, but these situations can be avoided. According to American Bear, simple tips that can prevent bear encounters include: avoiding keeping food close to your tents and cooking and storing your food at least 100 yards away from where you sleep. It’s also important that you don’t wear the clothes that you wore while cooking while you sleep.

If you happen to encounter a bear, don’t become overwhelmed or act unusual. If you find yourself facing a bear, do not: turn your back, run away, or make direct eye contact. If a bear happens to enter your campsite, make noise and wave your arms to frighten the bear away.

These are just a handful of Sustain’s simple tips and tricks to maintaining a safe and comfortable environment, which will allow you to enjoy some quality bonding time in the heart of the woods without stress. Be sure to check out Part 1 of our Survival Guide if you haven’t already, and check out our shop to find the camping necessities you’re looking for.