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What’s better than kicking off 2020 than with an action-packed family camping trip? Not much. From hiking through beautiful forests, admiring the breathtaking sights, to gathering around a campfire, telling legendary stories and sleeping in the heart of the woods, there isn’t a better way to bond and enjoy quality time with friends or loved

Though natural disasters can strike at any time and in any place, there are still some areas more prone to emergencies than other. Unfortunately, you may be at a higher risk of facing a serious natural disaster if you live in one of the below 10 states. Colorado | Since 1953, Colorado has faced 83

Emergency situations and natural disasters are inherently stressful for anyone who has to or has ever had to face them. At Sustain Supply Co., we continuously discuss the importance of making sure your emergency bags are ready for any situation, but, today, we want to talk about something just as important: being prepared financially. Household Information

Natural disasters already present a large threat to the population’s wellbeing, but for those who have a child or multiple children with some form of medical issue natural disasters prove to be even more dangerous. For most families, last minute preparations can be sufficient to ensure safety during a natural disaster, but for those with

Unpredictability comes hand in hand with the weather. Although there are experts who can attempt to broadcast rain and shine, no report is made with full confidence. While this is less relevant in situations involving temperature or rain, in the event of a natural disaster, knowing its general direction can save countless lives. Constantly being

As a result of constant change and unpredictability, we don’t always know when to expect a storm or natural disaster’s arrival and force. Tornadoes can be spawned in a matter of minutes, earthquakes are almost entirely random, hurricanes can move fluidly and largely fluctuate in power. Understanding weather phenomena is extremely difficult, even for experts

In the face of any natural disaster or severe weather event, it is always important to have an emergency pack at the ready for when things turn sour. The most common items that come to mind are water, food, batteries, first-aid supplies, and lighting. An important item that commonly gets overlooked, is an emergency blanket,