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Sustain’s Survival Guide Part Three: How to Properly Prepare Children and Young Adults for Camping

If you read Part 1 of Sustain’s Camping Survival Guide, then you’ll remember we mentioned a lack of awareness amongst children and young adults regarding survival essentials.

It’s crucial you prepare children for the potential challenges that may come their way prior to a camping trip. Educate them on survival skills where possible, including the tips we mention below, as this will help them to stay safe in the future.

Today, we’ll take a deeper look into how you’ll be able to not only educate children and young adults on survival essentials but also how you can quickly prepare them for any camping trip.

Passing down core survival values to your children is vital because they’ll be expected to pull their own weight during your trip or during an emergency situation. Important skills we believe you should teach your children may be skills you need to learn for yourself, first, before you can teach them. Some important survival skills that children lack but should be aware of include:

  • How to make a fire (our Ferrocerium Rod and InstaFire Tinder can help make fire starting easier)
  • Fire safety rules
  • How to cook on an open fire
  • How to tell whether or not food is spoiled
  • How to safely use a knife how to fish
  • How to clean fish
  • How to hunt
  • How to locate a water source and determine whether or not it’s safe to drink from
  • How to build a durable shelter
  • How to perform basic first aid procedures

The skills mentioned on this list are basic survival skills that many children and young adults lack. Teaching children these elements of survival will enhance their knowledge of nature and allow them to be ready for any obstacle they may face. As for you, the parent of children and/or young adults, it’s best to always keep your children in sight while you’re out camping or during an emergency. Keeping a Cyalume SnapLight attached to them will help you spot them at all times.

Remember, you can better prepare your kids to take on some of these tasks with the help of some of Sustain’s products. We hope this three-part guide has helped you and provides you with some clarity of the essential survival skills you need and how you can help prepare the others around you.