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Top 10 States That Have Faced the Worst Natural Disasters

Though natural disasters can strike at any time and in any place, there are still some areas more prone to emergencies than other. Unfortunately, you may be at a higher risk of facing a serious natural disaster if you live in one of the below 10 states.

  1. Colorado | Since 1953, Colorado has faced 83 major disasters. Because of the state’s location and dry climate, it continuously is at threat for forest fires. The worst wildfire the state dealt with was in 2002. The Hayman fire ruined over 130,000 acres of lands and left six people dead.
  2. New Mexico | This state usually deals with both fires as well as flooding and mudslides from heavy rain. Many brush or forest fires are the result of dry weather conditions.
  3. Oregon | The cost of beauty can be high if you live in Oregon. Residents in this state have had to deal with fires, floods, heavy snow, dry seasons, and earthquakes.
  4. Alabama | Because Alabama is located near the Gulf of Mexico, it always finds itself to be a potential target for hurricanes. This state has been through Hurricane Katrina, Irma, and Camille. But the worst natural disaster this state has faced was in 2011, when 62 tornadoes rampaged through the state over a 4-day span. Around 240 people died and almost 2,000 were injured.
  5. New York | The state of New York faces a variety of threats because of the mixed climates. Not only do residents face ice storms and blizzards, but they also have to deal with tornadoes, fires, and earthquakes. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy swept through the state, causing over $50 billion in damages.
  6. Florida | Florida, known for facing numerous hurricanes, has also had to face wildfires during its dry season. In April of 2017, there were more than 115 fires burning at once.
  7. Washington | Washington has seen 147 disasters since 1953. In 1980, Mount St. Helens eruption caused over 900,000 tons of ash and buried roads.
  8. Oklahoma | Most of the major disasters Oklahoma has faced have been tornadoes. In 2013, the Moore tornado brought 210 mph winds and was responsible for the deaths of 240 people.
  9. Texas | Did you know that Texas has faced 263 major disasters since 1953? This state is not immune to floods, tornadoes, hail, or hurricanes. Hurricane Harvey was responsible for over 4 feet of rain and caused $125 billion in damage.
  10. California | But the state that faces the most disasters is California. Earthquakes and wildfires are more destructive for this popular state and they seem to just get worse every year.

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