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The Importance of Being Financially Prepared for Emergency Situations

Emergency situations and natural disasters are inherently stressful for anyone who has to or has ever had to face them.

At Sustain Supply Co., we continuously discuss the importance of making sure your emergency bags are ready for any situation, but, today, we want to talk about something just as important: being prepared financially.

  • Household Information Is Imperative | After an emergency situation or natural disaster, it’s just as important to have your household information as it is to have food and water as these items are necessary when beginning to rebuild your life. You should keep your housing payments and insurance policies in an easy-to-access area should you have to evacuate from your residence.
  • Pack Your Tax Forms | If you must evacuate from your area, don’t forget your tax documents as you won’t be able to apply for FEMA, if needed, without your Social Security number and/or your household income information.
  • Save Beforehand | If you live in an area where natural disasters often occur, you’ll want to consider a separate savings account in the event of a crisis. Remember to also keep small bills in your emergency kit as, oftentimes, your bank and ATM machines will be closed directly after an event.
  • Medical Records and Health Insurance | Ensure you and your family have copies of all health insurance policies so that medical care, if needed, does not cause any added stress. You’ll also want your medical prescriptions and immunization records available in case you’re not able to return home for a period of time.