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Being Prepared at School

We rarely are given warnings when emergencies happen. To make matters worse, emergencies don’t always happen when you’re at home with your family. Oftentimes, disasters happen when you’re at work or away from home. At Sustain, we continue to preach the importance of having a plan in place when the lights shut off and the power goes out. Being prepared for that moment can be the difference between safety and danger for yourself as well as anyone under your supervision.

As parents, adults, and caretakers, being able to provide safety for our children during a natural disaster or weather event is paramount. Whether you’re a parent of three or a teacher with a classroom of thirty, having a thought-out plan ahead of time is necessary.

Today, we want to put emphasis on being prepared while the kids are in school, so, as a parent, you can sleep easier knowing the proper precautions are in place. For teachers, you can be aware of the best plan of action to incorporate for your students’ and staffs’ safety.

First and foremost, the most important thing that teachers and supervisors can do is inform and educate your students and staff on the possible disaster and emergency situations that can occur in your area. Effectively conveying information in a way that is relevant but doesn’t frighten is important. The mission is to keep them engaged but not afraid. Remember, your ultimate goal is their safety, and the best way to achieve that is for everyone to be on the same page, remain calm, and follow the plan that’s been established. After educating, devise an action plan. Whether it’s bunkering down for a tornado or an evacuation route to leave the classroom, everyone needs to be informed and comfortable in knowing what to do.

As teachers and supervisors, the ultimate task and responsibility is making sure our students and staff are safe. By integrating the right plans with the right equipment and being thoroughly versed in disaster preparation guidelines, you can be confident that you are prepared.

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