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Our Top 4 Recommended Preparedness Podcasts from Sustain Supply Company

As a Sustain reader, you probably come to us for updates, news, and more information we provide on our blog. That being said, we want to shine light on others who have great insight and knowledge when it comes to preparation and disaster.

Here are our top 4 preparedness podcasts that are available on iTunes and around the web:

  • Library at The End of The World w/ Jim Cobb | Hosted by best-selling author and survival & emergency preparedness expert Jim Cobb, this podcast will touch on a variety of topics involving preparation and emergency situations. From wartime scenarios all the way to possible plague outbreaks, and even fictional scenarios we hope never come to be, Jim is to the point, informative, and will give you the knowledge needed to become a prepping expert. Tune in on iTunes every Friday for weekly updates from the man himself.
  • The Preparedness Podcast |This podcast is hosted by Rob Hanus who doesn’t shy away from being honest to his listeners. His podcast focuses on disaster, emergency, and survival strategies with the ultimate goal of helping you become more self-reliant! Each podcast is full of useful information and personal experiences to help you improve your prep so that you and the family are ready for any disaster or crisis that may come your way!
  • The Mind4Survival Podcast with Brian Duff | Hosted by one of the most knowledgeable minds in the industry, Brian Duff not only has great advice and information, but he knows first-hand about preparation having served in the army in the elite 75th Ranger Regiment, saving lives as a paramedic in Los Angeles, and overseeing thousands as an international security director. Now Brian does his best to educate, inform, and trim the confusion from what so many seem to convolute. In his own words, “Are you prepared to take the correct, confidence-building actions to increase your safety, security, and self-reliance?” Where do we sign up!
  • Prepping Academy |While a bit different than the previous two podcasts, this website is oriented to individuals who “believe in being prepared and having a plan”. It curates blogs, podcasts and shows about prepping. They also have a set of principles that were spot on for disaster preparation:
    1. Water- The most essential resource in a disaster.
    2. Food- Important for sustenance and morale.
    3. Power- Backup power is critical for modern emergency preparedness.
    4. First Aid- Are you prepared to treat a family member in need?
    5. Security- After every major disaster the looters show up.
    6. Evacuation- Despite all your preparation, sometimes you [have to] go!

With no shortage of information on the site, there’s enough here to get you well on your way to becoming a more educated prepper!

Sustain is not affiliated in anyway with the following companies and holds no responsibility for offensive or irresponsible content.