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Emergency Packing: Additional Items to Consider

Creating your own emergency survival bag can be a bit overwhelming. How much water do you need, how many servings of food, and, since everything you own won’t fit in a back pack, what do you absolutely need to include? That’s just one of the reasons we decided on creating our award-winning survival bags.

  • Reduce the time it takes finding individual supplies
  • Include only the highest quality items
  • Price in a cost-effective way that makes sense for consumers

That doesn’t mean there aren’t any other supplies out there that can help your efforts. From emergency radios, to power packs and more. Check out these additional items to make surviving after a disaster a bit more manageable.

Emergency Radios/ Two-Way Radios

Without power you’ll no longer have access to the internet or television. In a world built around that access where we can connect to any and all information, the moment it’s taken away can create panic and hysteria. The good news is that even when the power is out radio waves via AM/FM frequencies are still a way for you to connect to the outside world. Additionally, a two-way radio or “walkie talkie” is great for inter-group communication, so no one gets lost or left behind. Check our blog on the top models and read why emergency radios can be lifesaving.

Power packs/ Rechargeable Batteries

Our smart phones and devices are stored with all types of information which can be utilized as a survival tool and guide. Sadly, those devices won’t provide anything unless they are charged via a power source, otherwise you’ll be left in the dark. That’s why investing in a power packs or external batteries is a great idea for modern emergency planning. With a plethora of power pack products on the market, finding the best one is a matter of preference. With smaller, lightweight packs offering one full device charge to mammoth sized packs that store enough charge to keep you going for days, these products can be a game changer.


If you have children, this is definitely a “must” to distract their minds from the current situation (the same can even be said for the adults). Pack crayons and markers for drawing and doodling, which can be great way for children to alleviate their stress and fears. Be sure to stay away from electronics and battery-operated items and instead aim for things like card games, books, and board games. Additionally, pack a comfort item that your kid may have so that they can feel at home even if you’re long ways from it.

There’s a plethora of items that can make surviving after a disaster a bit more manageable but remember, you take what you can carry and leave everything else behind. Start with the essentials and then worry about the rest. Survive first. Sustain after.