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Our Top 3 Emergency Radios

When you’re in the middle of a natural disaster or extreme weather scenario it can feel like you’re cut off from the world entirely. To properly assess ongoing conditions, or emergency evacuation, it’s imperative to know what is going on outside. When will the danger subside, when will rescue arrive? These questions can be extremely frightening when you aren’t sure when you’ll get an answer.

That’s why, at Sustain, we believe it’s incredibly important to keep a quality emergency radio bundled with the rest of your emergency and disaster supplies, or Sustain Survival Pack, so that you can remain connected even in the worst of conditions. Unlike a phone or laptop, an emergency radio doesn’t need Wi-Fi or internet to work. If the power is down, you can still get reception so long as there is an FM/AM or emergency broadcast. Emergency radios also typically operate on minimal battery power, crank, or solar energy allowing them to be used nearly indefinitely.

Continue reading for some of our favorite Emergency Radios that will help you stay connected in future emergencies.

  1. The American Red Cross FRX3 Hand Crank Radio
    A portable option that receives solid radio reception and does everything you need out of an emergency radio. Capable of receiving AM, FM, and weather band alerts but also equipped with an LED flashlight and an emergency beacon. What’s great is that although you can use batteries or solar power, it also features a hand crank, so you’ll always be able to generate power. It also features a USB port to charge devices.
    Built to be the last emergency radio you’ll ever need the Kaito KA500 is compact and light and considered among survivalists as one of the top portable emergency radios in the world. With 5 charging options, including a crank and solar you’ll never have an issue keeping it on. Furthermore, this dependable radio features access to all 7 bands of the NOAA Emergency Weather Service ensuring you’re always up to date and informed on what’s going on outside.
  3. Kaito Voyager V2
    One of the smallest emergency radios on the market, the Esky Emergency Radio was built to be portable and is perfect for on-the-go. Though it’s small enough to fit in a handbag, it’s tough enough to outlast even the most extreme weather. Featuring multiple charging options, a built-in light capable of charging your electronic devices, you’ll always have a connection to the outside world even in the worst conditions.

Don’t ever be left in the dark. Emergency radios are essential to receive the most up-to-date news and weather information during a situational disaster. Stay connected and stay safe with Sustain.