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The Need for Clean Water

Making it through a natural disaster or emergency scenario is difficult enough to begin with, but, depending on the severity, the aftermath can turn into a nightmare. With powerlines destroyed, city infrastructures in shambles, and businesses shutdown, tasks that were nearly autonomous before might be more difficult than ever imagined.

When it comes to survival one of the most dangerous things you can face is dehydration. We take a lot of things for granted; flick of a switch and we have light; press a button and you get fresh water. However, once the power fails, the water fails, and, soon after, so does everything else.

Nothing is more magnified in the aftermath of a disaster than the need for clean water and the issues that arise trying to obtain it. That being said, it’s not safe to drink just any water found in a stream or puddle. Water can carry bacteria and be severely contaminated, and, when ingested, can create immediate health issues that aren’t easily treatable without access to proper medicines. During events like these, it’s intrinsically important to ensure your family has access to clean, purified water.

At Sustain, we practice what we preach and that’s why at the top of every survival checklist we stress the need for water. Each of our survival bags comes equipped with enough water to help you and your family survive until help arrives.

Furthermore, on top of the individual Datrex water packets included in our Survival Bags, we offer the award-winning Sawyer Mini and Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter, capable of filtering 100,000 and a million gallons of water, respectively.

We can’t stress it enough just how crucial it is to have access to clean drinking water in the aftermath of a natural disaster or extreme weather event. Stock up now before the power grid goes out to guarantee your family is properly accounted for or check out the Sustain shop for our award-winning survival bags that are pre-stocked with everything you’d need to survive, from water to first aid, and more!