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4 Common Misconceptions About Natural Disasters

From tornados to wildfires, we’re breaking down the four main misconceptions people have when they think of common natural disasters.

Tornados | Have you heard you’re supposed to seek shelter in a highway overpass or under a bridge during a tornado? Well, don’t. This is probably one of the worst places to be during a tornado. In reality, seeking shelter under an overpass or bridge may actually increase your chance of injury and death, according to the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness. It’s best to seek shelter low to the ground in a sturdy building or even in a ditch with your head covered by your hands to protect yourself from debris.

Hurricanes | While a hurricanes’ category is decided by its wind speed, wind is not the biggest issue when it comes to these massive storms. The deadliest aspect of hurricanes come from the ensuing storm surge and flooding that follows. If you live on a coast or you are in an area where evacuation is mandatory in case of a storm surge or flooding, pay close attention and follow instructions from your local authorities to ensure you and your family stay safe.

Wildfires | If there are less trees there will be less fires, right? Not exactly. While dead and/or dry trees can add fuel to fires, studies have shown that fires actually burn more intensely in forests that have been logged. One reason for this is that new trees growing in are all the same age and densely cluttered, which is exactly what a wildfire needs to burn hot and fast.

Earthquakes | You may have heard that we can predict future earthquakes, but, even with modern technology, these natural disasters can catch us off guard. If you are living in an area that has the potential to be affected by an earthquake, then you should make sure you always have an emergency pack at your home or place of employment so that you’re prepared at all times.

Natural disasters are often be unexpected, allowing little advanced preparation time. Stay one step ahead of mother nature with your Sustain Supply Kit today.

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