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Where to Get Information During and After a Natural Disaster

We all understand how unpredictable mother nature can be, and, at Sustain, we spend quite a bit of time stressing the importance of preparing for the worst possible scenario. Our product is equipped for these moments in mind, when you have no time to do anything but grab-and-go. But, if you find yourself in the middle of an emergency situation, you may be wondering how to keep updated both during and after the event.

In most situations, you’ll be able to tune into your local radio station for a full report on the event happening around you. Be sure to use Susatin’s Kaito Voyager V2 radio, which will keep you in the know. The best part about this radio? It has the ability to charge your mobile devices if they are running low on power. If your local radio station announces a mandatory evacuation for your area, don’t wait. You’ll want to grab your emergency pack and leave immediately to get to safety.

After a storm, whether you’re still in your home or have fled to a safe area, you’ll want to be wary about going outside too soon. Excessive rain can cause flooding, especially after a large storm or hurricane. Be sure to stay near your radio for updates on your local area. If you’ve evacuated your area, do not return until your local officials give you the approval to return as many roads may be closed due to flooding or fallen debris.

Being prepared during and after a natural disaster or emergency situation means staying informed. Know where you need to get your information prior to a power outage, and make sure you know what local stations to follow along to so that you and your loved ones are safe.