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Sustain’s Quick Guide to Camping Safely During the Winter

There are few things we love more than camping at Sustain, and a change in the weather shouldn’t halt you from enjoying your favorite hobby. While camping in the summer may seem more convenient, pitching a tent during the winter months can prove to be just as fun. At Sustain, our goal is to give you the tools you need to prepare and protect yourself in any situation. Here’s our quick guide to camping safely during the winter months.

Be Aware of Moisture | When you’re camping during colder weather, the most important thing you can do to be safe is to wear the correct gear and material. Protect yourself by staying dry and hydrated. We recommend wearing material that wicks away moisture from your skin so that you aren’t vulnerable to hypothermia. If you find yourself beginning to sweat

Bring Goggles | If you are camping in an area that expects snow, don’t forget to bring your ski goggles or sunglasses as snow blindness could occur. Snow blindness is an eye condition that is caused by exposure to UV rays. It’s not usually evident you’re suffering from snow blindness until several hours after exposure.

Utilize Sustain’s Emergency Blankets | Many of our Sustain survival packs include everything you need to stay safe during a disaster, but did you know they can double as a resource while camping? Our survival bags include emergency, dual-layered blankets that will maintain your core temperature. All you have to do is drape them loosely around you and they will reflect up to 90% of your body heat back to you.

Hello, Darkness | Remember, winter months bring darkness earlier than in the summer so, while out, be aware of the clock. You don’t want to struggle back to your site in the dark. Consider attaching a flashlight to you for easy access in case you do find yourself away from camp during nighttime.