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Indoor and Outdoor Storm Safety Tips

All thunderstorms can produce lightening, which is why we want you to know how to best prepare yourself for them both inside and outside of your home. The most important thing you can do during a storm is stay updated on the weather, either by radio or television or online.

One of the most important tips we can give is to be aware of the difference between a thunderstorm watch and a warning. A watch just a thunderstorm is possible in your area whereas a thunderstorm warning means a thunderstorm is taking place in your area.

If you find yourself outdoors during a thunderstorm in your area, be sure to keep these tips in mind:

  1. Watch the sky for darkening clouds and any flashes that could be lightening.
  2. Don’t wait if you hear thunder, find a safe place indoors immediately or seek shelter in your car with the windows completely shut.
  3. Stay away from water as best you can.
  4. Avoid any all metal, which includes sheds, bleachers, and playgrounds.

If you’re already indoors, you’ll want to follow these tips to ensure you stay safe:

  1. Continue to avoid water as it can conduct electricity
    1. Avoid showering and laundry
  2. Unplug your electrical equipment, including computer monitors, telephones, and appliances
  3. Stay back from your windows.