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Comfort 4
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4-Person Premium 72 Hour Emergency Survival Bag/Kit

The choice of government agencies, Fortune 100 companies and survival experts, Comfort4 was created to give families peace of mind. More than just hot meals and clean water, Comfort4 is stocked full of high-quality supplies to get your family through an emergency event.

Items included:
1 Large premium backpack
24 Wise Company food servings
48 Aqua Literz 33.8 oz. Emergency Water
4 Sustain Survival Straws
8 Cyalume SnapLights
1 Morakniv companion knife
1 LED lanterns
1 Flashlights
1 Fully stocked First Aid Kit
4 Emergency blankets
2 Bath wipes
1 Portable stove
4 Bowls and utensils
1 Ferrocerium rod
2 InstaFire tinder
2 Whistles

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Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 17 × 13 in


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