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The Worst Natural Disasters of 2019

2019 has been a year full of earthquakes, hurricanes, and wildfires that seem to continue to rage year after year without warning. Unfortunately, natural disasters are a way of life. We can constantly prepare ourselves and our homes; however, we will never be able to stop them completely.

It’s important to note which disasters have caused the most damage so that we can learn from the past to prepare for the future.

  1. Oklahoma Flooding | In May, Oklahoma was hit with a week of rain. A severe weather system in the area caused not only intense floods but also tornadoes. The mix of both caused not only immense property damage but resulted in at least 6 deaths.
  2. Tropical Cyclone Idai | This natural disaster affected South Africa, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Mozambique. It was caused by a tropical depression that reached 120mph. Flying debris and flooding resulted in at least 300 deaths, if not more.
  3. Hurricane Dorian| Hurricane Dorian battered the Northern Bahamas, South Florida and the East Coast of the US, as well as Canada. A Category 5 storm, Dorian was caused by a low-pressure system and caused at least $2M in damages.
  4. Midwest Flooding | Sever thunderstorms as well as tornadoes hit Nebraska in March of 2019. Heavy rains and melting snow flooded roads and caused structural damage to buildings and homes. Many fields were destroyed and at least 1,000 residents were forced to flee.