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Sustain Supply in the Top 5

The Official 2018 Bug Out Bag Checklist. See our top picks for over 100+ reviewed items! Knives, fire starters, filters, shelters, backpacks, and more…

We’ve reviewed thousands of items, threw out all the junk, and kept the best. In this thorough resource you will find the gear you actually need.

Having a bug out bag ready to go gives you a significant advantage. Without one you might end up with no supplies, no food, no water, and no hope.

A well equipped bug out bag can get you through natural disasters, civil unrest, and even a severe Twinkie shortage caused by the apocalypse. Zombieland anyone? No?

Ok then. . .

Full Kits & All-In-One Solutions

We’re not big fans of large, all-in-one bug out bag emergency kits that try to cover everything. They can sometimes have low quality items or filler junk, so we prefer building our own BOB’s from scratch. But we also understand it’s exactly what some people are looking for.

Remember that you’re getting almost everything you need to survive in these kits, so don’t let the sticker shock scare you away. We have reviewed each of the picks below (and dozens more that didn’t make the cut).

Top 5 Full Kits

#1 Sustain Supply Co. 2 Person Premium Emergency Survival Bag Kit
#2 Sustain Supply Co. 4 Person Premium Emergency Survival Bag Kit
#3 The Ultimate Premium Family 4 Person Emergency Kit
#4 Zippmo Survival Gear 4 Person Deluxe Extreme Survival Kit
#5 Wise 5-Day Survival Bug Out Bag Kit + Ultimate Arms Gear Survival Set