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It’s Hurricane Season

Hurricane Tax Relief

June is known for many things: weddings, Father’s Day—and the start of hurricane season. That’s why this roundup of the best items to buy for June 2018 focuses on disaster preparedness.

Even before June 1, when hurricane season officially starts, the United States saw its first named tropical system, Alberto, which brought torrential rains from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes.

CNN says that the 2018 hurricane season is likely to be above average. Usually, something being above average is a good thing—but when it comes to hurricane season, it means more storms.

If you live in Florida, there is good news with the start of hurricane season. It’s also the start of the state’s tax-free shopping period, which goes through June 7.

During this week, Florida residents won’t pay tax on disaster-preparedness products. This includes generators costing up to $750 and other storm supplies priced under $50.

You can visit the Florida Department of Revenue website for more information about tax-free shopping in the Sunshine State.

In time for disaster preparedness, companies and brands have either cut prices on related products or are offering freebies in June. Here are two worth noting:

Sustain Supply Co.
Sustain Supply Co. creates emergency preparedness kits that include necessary supplies for couples and families to sustain an emergency for 72 hours.

With June 1 being the kick-off to the hurricane season, Sustain has lowered prices for their kit options: Essential2 (a two-person kit) now $99 from $159, Comfort2 (a slightly bigger two-person kit) from $299 to $199 and Comfort4 (a four-person kit) from $399 to $299. These kits include:

Up to 24 servings of high quality food (lasts up to 30 years!)
Up to 6 liters of U.S. Coast Guard-approved purified fresh water
Three sources of dependable light
Water filtration device
Cyalume industrial-grade SnapLight devices
Essential first aid kit and emergency blankets
Portable wood-burning stove, bowls and utensils
High-grade survival knife
Sustain is offering some additional incentives. From June 1 through 7, you’ll receive 10 percent off and free shipping. Starting on June 8 you’ll receive a free battery-operated radio for the Comfort2 or Comfort4 when you buy the Comfort2 or 4, along with free shipping.