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Are you ready for the next disaster?

Nothing is scarier than a disaster heading towards your home, but help to survive can be delivered to your doorstep. In this backpack from Sustain Supply Company are the supplies to sustain a family of 4 for 72 hours. It’s a survival kit for all emergencies. Normally within 72 hours after a disaster the power grid is back up to major areas, businesses, hospitals and schools. The bug out bags have everything from fire to water, food in pouches and a stove to cook it in, a knife and lanterns. There will be some things like important documents that you would take out of your safe and put into the bug out bag (if you don’t want to take documents out of your safe, make sure to take photocopies of all important documents and have them in your go-bag), but you’re not searching for food, water, heat, blankets, anything like that. It’s already prepared for you in the bag. There is a cost to being prepared or you can pay the price of not being ready.