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Did you ever notice that campers and survivalists have a lot in common? Both require a specific range of supplies, a good bit of planning, and an ability to improvise in order to be truly successful.

Made by the Sustain Supply Co., the Comfort 4 is a 4-person emergency survival bag/kit that works equally well for a weekend in the woods or keeping your family alive during a disaster. It comes in a large, water resistant backpack designed to stand up to the elements, made from rugged 600D polyester.

Inside you’ll find virtually everything you need to survive for 72 hours, including basics such as 24 servings of Mountain House food, 48 packets of Datrex water, a portable camp stove, and four InstaFire tinders for lighting it. The massive pack also contains two LED lanterns, two flashlights, eight Cyalume snap lights, a stainless steel survival knife, a fully stocked first aid kit, four emergency blankets, four bowls and utensils, a hand crank/solar radio and more. It’s the perfect 4-person “go bag.”