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Sustaining Your Family with Our Survival Kits

Nature is often unpredictable. It is why it’s best to ask yourself ahead of time, do you have the preparations in place to protect yourself and the whole family when a disaster strikes without prior warning? Since you won’t be able take everything with you when evacuating, due to weight, storage, and time restraints, it’s important that you are equipped with the right essentials and gear needed for each member in your family. Remember, when preparing, or “prepping”, it’s absolutely vital you have enough supplies for each member of the family. It’s also essential that you have a plan in place for the priority items that absolutely cannot be left behind, such as medications, money, food, and personal items.

At Sustain, we’ve designed the top emergency survival kits in the industry. With a variety of options to choose from, our kits come fully equipped with the items you and your family will need to survive comfortably during the first 72 hours of an emergency or natural disaster.

When assessing how many bags you’ll need for the size of your family, the first thing to do is a headcount. Our Essential2, Comfort2, and Comfort4 are all named with a numeric digit that tells you how many people it can provide for.

With the Essential2, you can rest assured knowing that for every singular bag you have in your home, you and one other member are covered with the main essentials that will keep you alive and safe for at least 72 hours. With our Comfort2 bag, we take it a step further. Not only will this bag provide for two family members, it will make the survival process a bit more comfortable as it comes with extra food servings, a portable stove, eating utensils and more. The Comfort4 includes the high-quality supplies found in the Comfort2, however, this pack has enough to supply four members of the family for 72 hours.

At Sustain, we take the headache out of emergency survival preparation. With all the items you need in one place, curated by our survival experts, you’ll never have to worry about preparing again.

Go with Sustain, and provide peace of mind for you and the entire family.

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