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Simulating an Emergency: Camping

As a parent, your ultimate goal is making sure your family is safe. Developing an emergency game plan for you and your family to simulate before an emergency happens can help you be ready for the unexpected. This doesn’t mean you have to create a wind tunnel around your house and cut off the power. Instead, a great way to prepare for a potential emergency scenario is by camping.

Before officially beginning your simulation, prepare enough supplies for up to 72 hours. Simplify the process entirely by going with one of our industry leading and award-winning emergency packs that have all the essentials you and your family will need to survive in an emergency situation.

Before hitting the road for the camping trial, play out an emergency scenario within your home to make sure that everyone knows where to go and that all the emergency gear is collected and accounted for before leaving the premise. The best plans should be quick and coordinated, and although it will be harder to achieve in a live scenario, try to facilitate a sense of calmness and confidence in your family as you evacuate. Reenact this scenario with your family a few times to get a proper feel and understanding for what needs to be done.

With the emergency packs rounded up, the essentials secured, and the family together in the agreed upon meeting place or “safe haven”, it’s time to evacuate. Depending on where you are geographically you may want to have a general camping area picked out beforehand. In a real emergency situation, you may have to survive somewhere that’s totally random but for this simulation find a camp ground or an area that’s safe for camping ahead of time. The main point of this simulation is to ensure your family understands the evacuation game plan and that your 72-hour emergency kits are properly packed for the days ahead.

Over the coming days on your camping journey, assess how well your emergency packs and plans are performing. Invite questions and dialogue so that everyone feels comfortable and understands just how important this situation will be if the day ever comes when you have to rely on these plans for a means of survival.

With proper education and planning, your family can feel prepared and ready to overcome even the worst natural disasters. Follow the Sustain blog for more ideas and emergency planning tips in the future. Are you ready to Sustain?