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Feed Your Body Right

When deciding what to keep on hand in the food pantry to use during emergencies, many people focus strictly upon shelf-life and calories. While we do need those calories, especially if we are performing more physical work than normal, we cannot overlook the need for proper nutrition.

Don’t get me wrong. During a simple power outage, there is absolutely nothing wrong with breaking out some junk food and turning a potentially scary situation into a little party by candlelight with the kids. But you can’t feed your family potato chips and soda for days on end. Their bodies, as well as yours, require real food.

In a crisis, you want every advantage possible. Sustain Supply Co. provides 24 Mountain House food servings in their premium Comfort4 survival bag. They are easy to use, simply require hot water, taste good, and usually last around 25 years. Take the pouch, tear open the top and add 2 cups of hot water to hydrate the pouch and seal. Wait about 10 minutes and you’re ready to eat. This is rice and chicken, real food, and a hot meal – this reduces stress and is great for children. These contain the proper nutrients needed to keep your body strong and ready for anything after an emergency situation.
A Premium Comfort2 survival bag contains 12 Mountain House food servings along with all other essentials listed above.
Filling bellies is important but filling them with proper nutrients is even more crucial. Our bodies and minds operate far greater efficiency when we fuel them properly.

Look for some of these nutrients in particular when choosing foods to store for emergencies:

Magnesium – found in beans, lentils, and nuts, magnesium is great for energy as well as for reducing anxiety.

Vitamin C – we normally associate vitamin C with citrus fruits but it is also found in broccoli, kale, snow peas, and tomatoes. Stress tends to deplete our vitamin C levels, causing us to be at higher risk for illnesses such as the common cold. Having foods in the pantry that will increase your vitamin C intake will be beneficial.

B vitamins – these vitamins work with our bodies and brains to reduce anxiety and stress. B1 helps with energy levels as well as concentration and memory. B3 helps to fight depression and assists with blood sugar regulation. B12 is essential for proper mental function. Foods high in the B vitamins include brewer’s yeast, lentils, black beans, and split peas.

Keeping vitamin supplements on hand might not be the worst idea but obtaining nutrients directly from the food you eat is a far better option.

Try to limit the amount of food that is high in sugar and refined grains like processed flour. While they provide an initial rush of energy, the crash later may not be worth it. Plus, you’ll just feel hungry again in a short period of time.

Strive for a balance in your food storage plan. Look for selections and options that will provide good nutrients but, at the same time, don’t be afraid to include some comfort foods as well. Along with nutritious food, it is essential to have clean water and certain utensils to make this food.