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Best of The Best: Our Favorite Emergency Blogs of 2018

Being prepared for anything means you have to be knowledgeable about what’s out there. At Sustain Supply Co., we take pride in ensuring our consumers are always informed and aware of the current preparation and disaster climates across the world. That being said, we aren’t shy to direct our consumers, or readers, down the right path to further broaden their preparation, disaster, and emergency strategy.

When looking around the web, you’ll find an immense amount of survival, emergency, and preparedness sites and blogs. Trying to pinpoint and follow the best ones can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve consolidated our favorites into this blog for you. Below you’ll find our top three emergency blogs of 2018 that we’ve selected on popularity, content, originality, content and more.

• More Than Just Surviving | More Than Just Surviving has everything you need, including a forum where you can speak to other individuals who are interested in prepping for potential disasters. If you’re looking for a community, this is your website. You’ll also find gear and product recommendations and reviews before you start purchasing your supplies.

• Survival Pulse | If you’re looking to stay up-to-date with prepping and survival news, Survival Pulse is the perfect blog for you. It’s a link aggregation site that is dedicated to providing relevant news to its readers.

• The Survivalist Blog | We love The Survivalist Blog because it is run by experienced preppers and homesteaders. They have a great selection of homemade recipes, too, to keep you fed and full in a pinch.

These three blogs cover a slew of information from overall readiness, to disaster preparation and every topic in between. If you’re serious about being prepared, these blogs will give you all the information you need.

The key to being ready is being aware. Check out our blog for additional tips and insights!