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The Best Uses for Sustain’s Stove Cookware Combo

At Sustain Supply Co., our goal is to provide people with any and all materials they would need in the event of a disaster. All of our products are designed for these very situations, in hopes of supplying a family with the resources they need to survive a tragedy. Despite our focus being on occurrences that are few and far between, many of the products can still be used in everyday life.

The stove cookware combo, which includes a compact stainless-steel stove and anodized aluminum cookware allows for a safe place not only to start a fire, but also to boil water or cook a meal. The lightweight stovetop can act both as a fuel and heat source, allowing for the disinfection of water and warmth of your loved ones.

Although it becomes necessary during a storm, the stove cookware combo can be used in place of a traditional stovetop and is great for small getaways or trips. Complete with a bag that holds the entire set, packing it up and bringing it on a camping trip in the woods or for a night under the stars at the beach is both easy and enjoyable. The lightweight and compact frame of the stove makes it easy to transport but is still durable and highly functional.

The Sustain stove cookware combo is the perfect tool for a fun night out, cooking a traditional meal, or surviving a disaster when resources are thin. Its multi-functional capabilities make it an amazing tool to have in your home.