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Whether it is hiking through Yellowstone, pitching a tent in the Smoky Mountains, or spending a few days along the shore of Lake Superior, everyone should take time now and again to get away from the daily grind and see what Mother Nature has to offer. Summer and fall are great times to hit the trail and Sustain is there to make sure you stay safe when you do.

There are a few things you should always have with you when you venture into the field. One of the most important is a simple whistle. If you stray from the trail and get turned around, the best thing to do is stop walking. Sit down if possible and collect your thoughts. Take a few deep breaths to calm down. If you have no clue how to get back to the trail, pull out your whistle and give it three quick blasts. A whistle’s noise carries much further than a human voice. Three whistle blasts is the universal signal for needing help.

Signaling for help at night can be difficult because it is harder for searchers to see where you are, right? Snap and shake a Cyalume SnapLight to activate it, then tie it securely to the end of a shoelace. Grab the shoelace about two feet from the SnapLight and spin it in a circle in front of you. This creates a glowing circle that can be seen for miles if you’re in a clear spot.

Inclement weather can be dangerous. Hypothermia is a very real threat. If you get caught in a rainstorm and then the temperatures dip a bit, you could be in serious trouble. Being able to keep warm and out of the elements is critical. A couple of emergency blankets will go a long way toward keeping you warm and dry.

Clean water is essential to survival. The problem is that water is heavy and it is difficult to carry large quantities of it. Therefore, take a two-pronged approach. Keep some water in your pack, such as a hydration bladder or just a couple of liter bottles. Also make sure you have a good quality water filter, such as the Sawyer Mini or Squeeze. This ensures you can filter water obtained from wild sources, such as streams and ponds.

A crackling fire can do many things for you in a survival situation. It will keep you warm, boil water, heat food, and light up the night. On top of all that, there is a strong psychological component. Being able to light a fire gives you a sense of control about the situation, which will help calm you down and keep you from panicking. A good ferrocerium rod will light thousands of fires and can be used safely even by children. Scrape the length of the rod with the striker and sparks will shower down, igniting your tinder.

Speaking of tinder, Instafire is a great option. It comes in pouches and you simply pour out a small quantity of the tinder into a pile, then ignite it with your ferrocerium rod, match, or disposable lighter. Instafire lights easily even when wet and burns long enough to get your kindling going.

It isn’t just coincidence that all of these items, and more, are found in the Sustain emergency kits. Each kit was designed with practicality and real-world use in mind. Whether you’re facing a hurricane or just heading out of town for the weekend to see the sights, Sustain is there to make sure you are safe.