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Be Prepared for Natural Disasters

It’s difficult to know when disaster will strike near your home. Though it’s possible to plan for certain disasters like hurricanes, we aren’t always given ample time to find safe ground from tornados, earthquakes, or flash floods.

We shouldn’t wait for disasters to strike before we prepare, which is why Sustain wants you and your family to have a collective strategy ready. This way, you and your family members will know exactly what to do and where to go in the event of an emergency.

  • Have an Emergency Contact | Your internet and cable service may be down or out completely during and after a natural disaster, so it’s important to have a designated emergency contact not in your location who knows what your plans are during and after an event. This contact will be able to provide you with information on what is happening outside of your area. They’ll also be able to let you know where you can go should you need to leave your home.
  • Know Where Your First Aid Kit is Located | It’s best to keep up with your family’s First Aid Kit on a regular basis and restock as needed. This way you will be able to take care of your family if medical services are unable to get to your location for a period of time. Each of our Sustain bags come with a First Aid Kit so you’ll never be without one.
  • Ensure Your Emergency Kit is Well Stocked | Don’t forget to keep an emergency pack of water and nonperishable food on hand for an emergency event. Sustain Supply Kits provide you with enough food, water, and supplies for up to 72 hours.

Being prepared in advance for a sudden event should give your family some peace of mind before, during, and after a natural disaster. Don’t wait, prepare for the unexpected now.