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This is the Emergency Bag you’re looking for!

  /  This is the Emergency Bag you’re looking for!

This is the Emergency Bag you’re looking for!

September 14, 2017

It’s strange that for such a high quality product, Sustain Supply Co doesn’t have an online presence. No website. No FB. No Twitter/Instagram.

But I suppose in an emergency, that doesn’t really matter.

I’m the farthest thing from a “doomsday prepper”. However in the wake of all the natural disasters, we thought it might be prudent to have an emergency bag just in case. Searches on Amazon will provide results for packs such as “ready america” which I’m sure work great. However stumbling onto the Sustain Supply Co kit, this appears to be a superior product. After spending some time researching the contents:

Mountain House Dried Food: Very well known brand for freeze dried food and apparently one of the better tasting ones
Datrex Emergency Water: Standard for emergency water
Sawyer Squeeze: One of the top rated water filtration systems
MoraKniv: Highly rated knife
Instafire Tinder: Well rated fire starter
Cyalume Light Sticks: Military grade. Top rated light sticks

Starting to see a theme? You get the feeling that this kit was assembled by people who wanted essentials that worked the best. The backpack itself is very comfortable to carry, durable and has plenty of extra room for additional items. Fully loaded, the backpack weights about 17 pounds.

Really happy with this purchase….just hope we never have to use it!