Sustain is devoted to providing leading businesses with cost effective sustainable products, services and solutions as well as exceptional world class support from our headquarters in Chicago.

How Is Sustain Green?

The better question is, how can Sustain help your office to go green? Since 1991, Sustain’s recycling partner, RTS has led the world in the recycling & environmentally responsible distribution & disposal of e-waste such as laser toner & inkjet cartridges.

In that time, Sustain has:

  • Consistently promoted green materials & business practices for nearly 20 years.
  • Dramatically reduced our customers imaging consumables costs by an average of 40% or more.
  • Aided RTS in preventing millions of tons of e-waste from entering & further polluting our landfills.
  • Worked with corporations of all sizes nationwide (including elite Fortune 500 members) to provide environmentally friendly imaging consumables for laser, inkjet, fax, & copier machines.

Our message is simple & our aim is true: Sustain Print Cartridges wants to help you reduce your carbon footprint & save you money. Our innovation, dedication, & foresight aren’t just part of who we are, they’re part of why we’ve been at the front of the environmental charge for nearly two decades.
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